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Primary source verification “Verified Credentials “confirms information obtained from academic institutions, employers, certifications and personal references. It provides a sight into reliability and accuracy of an applicant’s credentials confirming degree, title, dates, salary and other job facts which can make your hiring decisions easier.

Métier HR Consulting provides background check and credential verifications necessary for your talent hiring. Verification can be provided locally as well as internationally.

We verify information with authorized agent that addresses institution’s records. In addition, we verify credentials directly with the academic institution.

Education verification confirms:
• Graduation date
• Type of degree/diploma/certificate awarded
• Majors and minors
• Honors

Employment Verification
We confirm the accuracy and reliability of an applicant’s job history. Employment verification help you:
• Confirm candidate has the necessary required experience
• Determine whether title, salary, and rehire status are suited for your open position
• Analyze inconsistencies for dates of employment to find commonly hidden gaps

Professional License Verification

Confirm the validity and status of a license or certification with this comprehensive search.


With our professional and rich experience in the field of recruitment, we serve candidates as well as organizations in a professional way to find their need. We have a wide network and large validated job portals from blended and several sources which enables conducting professional assignments for junior, middle and senior management positions.

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