Our story

The idea to establish Métier HR Consulting started back in 2015 to help businesses grow themselves, their teams, and their profits. Driven by the passion of creating high performance organization, we’ve adapted a new consulting strategy that focuses on considering our clients as partners and committed to the growth of HR service providers located in the Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region.   We at Métier are committed to Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) through increasing Saudization within organization and guide young Saudis through their career path. Our services are triggered by the values we live;


  • Ethics Integrity:
    We embrace the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust.
  • Expeditious services
    Fast and efficient HR services
  • Partnership oriented
    Employers are partner not clients

To be a recognized, expeditious and innovative HR Consulting partner who provides the very best HR outsourced solutions and consulting in the Middle East.

How can we be your strategic partner?

Métier human resource solutions focus on organizations and government association HR needs. We provide a “one-stop-shopping” for business professionals searching for newer and brighter employment opportunities. We address HR needs by understanding organization’s nature and individuals potentials. We provide effective solutions by creative problem-solving, quality assurance, and efficiency. Our promise is to develop and deliver high quality HR tools specially designed to benefit your organization as follows:

For your new start-up or big establishment, listed below is what we at Métier can provide you with:


  • Head Hunting
  • Policies and procedures development
  • Employee manual development
  • Organization structuring
  • Organization development
  • Training design and delivery
  • Job description development and review
  • Outsourced HR consultant
  • Credentials verification


For Individuals looking forward to expand, we can offer the followings:

  • Job Search– free of charge
  • Career counselling – free of charge
  • Resume development and workshops
  • Training guide – free of charge

Our Team

Elham Alothman

Founder, HR Consultant

A seasoned human resource professional with over 12 years of HR leadership experience.

Dr. Ahmad Fadlaseed

Senior HR Consultant

Human resource professional with over 30 years of practical work experience.

Huda Algosaibi

Operations & Recruitment Manager

Human resource professional with over 5 years of work experience.

Sabiha Ansari

HR Specialist

Human resource professional with over 6 years of work experience.

With our professional and rich experience in the field of recruitment, we serve candidates as well as organizations in a professional way to find their need. We have a wide network and large validated job portals from blended and several sources which enables conducting professional assignments for junior, middle and senior management positions.

Contact Us

KSA:Al Hugayet Tower, Level 22, King Fahad Rd, P.O.Box 2768, Alkhobar 31952, KSA. UAE:Emirates Tower, Level 41 Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O. Box 31303, Dubai, UAE. Phone:Al-Khobar: +966 13 845 4131 / Dubai: +971 4 313 2342 Email:info@metierhr.com Web:metierhr.com
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